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The Mighty Piratesessions Revival

Posted in Releases with tags on February 20, 2008 by dubmood

Did something I should have done two years ago: Encoded the separate tracks from my old The Mighty Piratesessions #1 mixtape to MP3. As of today my most downloaded piece of work. Enjoy: Last.FM


C’etiat mieux en RDA 2008 version preview + clip!

Posted in Releases, Uncategorized with tags on February 11, 2008 by dubmood
This have to do untill someone explain to me how to embedd videos on this blogg since code apperantly aint working.
Clip made by Volvoboi David contianing material from an outside gameboy session in avignon and my concert at La Gare. I Like!

Dubmood – Dataskit!

Posted in Releases with tags on February 6, 2008 by dubmood

Here is a gameboy tune I released on Big Floppy People 2007 (and won first price!) with the name Detta är DDR ^^

Dubmood – Dataskit!

Jahtari Bless Dubmood Ska L’atakk!

Posted in Releases with tags , , , , , , on January 7, 2008 by dubmood

Dubmood, the master of fan-care. Didnt I release an album 2 weeks ago? May be dat. But here is a new EP, and its not going to be the only dubmood-release in january! Copypaste from my new buddies at Jahtari:

– Atari-Ska L’Atakk

A smashing ChipDub-Ska-EP coming here from the ATARI tracker legend Dubmood. Six tracks full of love for the rough Ska classics of old, bursting with sheer virtousity and an obession for funky details. A sure winner full of hits, this grooving beauty is bound to make you dance while grinning from ear to ear.

The EP starts off with a great version of the Skatalites-classic “Exodus” (who in turn took the theme from E. Gold‘s oscar winning movie score), followed up by a fine Liberators-cover. A top “Monkey Island” dub, featuring the legendary title theme by Michael Z. Land, is around too. The Maytals‘ “Pressure Drop”, later covered by punk-rocker icons The Clash (among others), is followed by the highly addictive “VodSka-Dance”, featuring some popular Russian folk lore.
Most notably THIS alltime classic. A tune you’ll whistle along for days – so beware! The final track is a collab with chiptunes roots rocker GOTO 80, a remix of it can be found on his “_2_4x4”-EP over HERE. See all details below.

For the technically interested: all songs were tracked by Dubmood on the Atari 1040 STfm in maxYMizer, made by gwEm, using the YM2149 soundchip. That is, 4bit sound on 3 channels, one squarewave generator and one noisegenerator on a 16bit 8mhz machine with 1mb of RAM and no samples used!

Ska! Ska! Ska!



Dubmood: Crackscene-music 2004-2007

Posted in Releases with tags , , , , , , , , on December 24, 2007 by dubmood

I thought it was time to wind up this year with a new -best of- collection. My first since 2003. But this time with a part of my music that normally dont get the same presentation by me, or rather the music that I dont promote at all. I put together a best of dubmood PC-crackscene music 2004-2007. All thoose keygens, installers and cracktros that you have maybe seen, maybe not. Some in new forms, some remixed, some abit longer. And as if that aint nice enough, I threw in four never-heard-before bonus tracks.

For thoose of you who aint really sure what this means, i’m gonna write out the details. Its a 14 track long album with songs made in Fasttracker 2 by me, my personal favourites 2004-2007 so to say. The 4 bonus tracks is a live-concert interlude played once when I needed to change some gear on stage in the middle of the performance, one bizarre lost remix of a zabutom track I found on an old haddrive (I have tons of thoose around), one atari cover from a song called warp that I tracked from heart by how I rememberd it from a Flame of Finland crackintro I used to watch over and over and over as a kid and one bizarre song I made one late night with zabutom where we simply bounced a .xm file back and forth saying 10min and 4 patterns each.

Its also included a nice dubmood-poster that my brother draw for me as a sort of -welcome home to cold dark sweden to spend the holidays in a +1c fog-rain brown mudbatch together with me and the family- gift. Thanks alot! Its a crappy scan of the poster for the moment but he promised to send me the digital file when he returns home so i’m going to update it in a couple of days. Sorry for that.

I guess there will appear some sort of cover art for it too, as soon as emil bardh gets his fingers out his ass. He actually promised to have it done by now. Really. ._.

Get the release here: click click click.

Bon bout d’an! Enjoy!

oh DDR!

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The last ten copies of the C’etait mieux en RDA 100ex limited release can be found for sale on rebelpetset for a very generous price! Hurry up before it runs out! Afaik there will be no re-press of this one since I got other projects on the way!

C’etait mieux en RDA

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Wish I had time to write something about it but I need to catch a bus to Big Floppy People. TTYLKTHNZBYE ^^