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Mini Dataairlines Festival + Ventilo Article

Posted in Attention, Live with tags on March 27, 2008 by dubmood

Tonight I will be passing some chipmusic at L’intermediare before Confipops concert and tomorrow Im doing a live-set. Might be worth checking out since I made hours of new material (on the gameboy :-/)  that you  might  find enjoyable if you liked C’etait mieux en RDA and Transregional de Pyrenees. I also scanned an article from the french weekly paper Ventilo.
Check it out here


The Wire

Posted in Attention with tags on February 25, 2008 by dubmood

I noticed that a pretty akward review of my Jahtari Chip-SKA EP was published in the english techno/dub/etc musicmag The Wire. Pretty funny, must say the Jahtarians are good at promotion! ❤ ❤
Anyway, hard to tell if its possitive or negative, really. The reviewer seems more chocked and confused.

Dubmood is a ‘chip-music’ artist from Gothenburg now operating out of Marseillie, with a library of over 300 different pieces composed on Amiga, PC, Atari ST and Gameboy for numerous pieces of cracked software, chip music disks and 8-bit compilations.
This EP gets in a rush with the opener, a version of The Skatalites’ classic “(Theme from) Exodus” from the movie of the same name, followed by a cover of “Kick De Bucket” by The Liberators. The version of The Maytals’ “Pressure Drop” is enough to induce hypertension in serious Clash fans (which Clash fans are not serious?), with the Toots soul scorcher done over in a Fisher Price style.
But the most seriously deranged track here is “VodSka-Dance”, apparently featuring a popular Russian folk tune which buzzes uncontrollably around your head long after the music dies. The final track, the catchily titled “dbug-cd197”, is a collaboration with chip music roots rocker GOTO 80. It’s not dub as we know it, but the strain is mutating rapidly

Designfederation Interview

Posted in Attention with tags on February 24, 2008 by dubmood

Did an interview for the people over at Designfederation about chipmusic from a more demoscene oriented approach than the usual interviews I get to do nowadays wich felt really good. Almost like a diskmag (Btw did I tell you about my interview in the latest Pain diskmag? if not let me know and Ill fill you out on that too). Anyway, check it out! Btw sorry for the absence of songs but I ran out of time to get a new batch out. Patience! I havnt frogot about your need for blipblop!

Dubmood on M6

Posted in Attention on February 23, 2008 by dubmood

Dubmood featured on french TV M6. Not that very creative since the idea of the reportage was that all of the audience of M6 should understand what its about. And then cut down to 1minute. But hey its the mainstream media! (that explains the super mario tune they forced me to put there). Still fun! “avec ton propre sound tu est unique!” hell yeah! I bet gwEm is glad maxymizer passed on TV too. Primetime and all that. hop hop! Click click click

New Interview: Tech’Yo

Posted in Attention on February 2, 2008 by dubmood

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a Tech’Yo! ^^ PDF avalible on their webpage though.

Sweatshop HQ Paris & ElektroCircus

Posted in Attention, Live, Ramblings on May 4, 2007 by dubmood

Some competing microlabel spies had sneaked in to one of our factories to take pictures of the rough enviroments our eomployees have to work in. Apperantly the spy had bit too much to drink of the free pastis offerd to all our workers at all hours and the only photo he managed to take was shot from the hip and kind of hit the floor, anyway here it is:

Anyway, I am going with the Marseille_HQ to ElektroCircus to do a soundsystem and two concerts together with eat_rabbit and confipop. We will also have a stand together with La Cybernostra wich will contain merchandise from Rebelpetset and Micromusic, and ofcource from the Paris and Marseille HQs. So why dont you go ahead and join the fun!

áioli for microHQ Marseille! – New Release!

Posted in Attention, Live, Ramblings, Releases on April 24, 2007 by dubmood

Sorry for the absence but I have been very busy working on a sideproject with confipop (more about that later) and preparing our spectacle at Elektro Circus in 2 weeks were we will be playing from a portable soundsystem and also having a stand were you will be able to buy microstuff, tshirts and records. Be sure to check it out at

I also have a little gift for you. A few weeks ago I played in a MicroHQ party (Mikrodisko Marseille) with Confipop and Sidabitball. If that was not enough, I also invited Papet-Jali (Massilia Soundsystem) and Capitaine Armenie to a freestyle on my chipriddimcovers after my ordinary Gig and it turned out to be a legendary event and everyone at the party went completly bordel =) oh btw, Jean-Chri recorded the gig. ^^ Here you have a selection of what happend:
Thanks to everyone who came to the party (including Imhotep^IAM oO) and MicroHQ Marseille and La Cybernostra for a great evening. I heard there will be some videos from the party online at microHQ Marseilles website in a while. Elito!

Also, please dont forget our radioemissions at BeRadio (every third monday of the month at 23.00) and Radio Galere 88.4 (every saturday at 14.00). Boopboop where is my #streetlife-crew? lets go to barcelona pow pow pow!