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The Printemps de Bourges Week

Posted in Live with tags on April 13, 2008 by dubmood

Yep. I am playing at Printemps de Bourges, 22 ouest at 01.20 in the morning on Wednesday, please come and cheer at me, even though I dont have a new song for you with this post ._.  But I have some photos of the new dubmood 2008 promo-material! Above you see the A2 poster. Here are the CDs.

The presskits

and the Table-banner.

All the art is, as always, done by my brother over at Elapse.Se.

Anyway, its probably going to be really cold in Bourges. Wish me luck. See you all on friday


Mini Dataairlines Festival + Ventilo Article

Posted in Attention, Live with tags on March 27, 2008 by dubmood

Tonight I will be passing some chipmusic at L’intermediare before Confipops concert and tomorrow Im doing a live-set. Might be worth checking out since I made hours of new material (on the gameboy :-/)  that you  might  find enjoyable if you liked C’etait mieux en RDA and Transregional de Pyrenees. I also scanned an article from the french weekly paper Ventilo.
Check it out here

Printemps de Bourges 2008

Posted in Live with tags on March 3, 2008 by dubmood


I’m doing a concert with my VJ Kohai and guestapperance by Capitaine Armenie at les decouverts de Printemps de Bourges Wednesday 16 April. The show begins at 22h00 and I will be on stage around 1h00-1h30. Hoping for some massive support! To motivate you to get your asses to Bourges, other artists on the lineup is The Hives, Justice, Gonzales, Vitalic, Mix Master Mike, Keny Arkana, Sebastian Tellier, Birdy Nam Nam, Fat Freddys drop, Babyshambles + tons of French artists I have never heard about.
Well, if you cant make it, I also got some new shows added: 9th at Baltazar in Marseille, the 17th in Västerås, Sweden and the 30th at the Patchwork festival. Also a possible gig the 16th in Sweden in either Stockholm or Norrköping. Ill let you know when I know. Keep yourself updated on all my live-dates at my myspace. Hophop!

La Gare, Collectif FrE3son, the residence and all that.

Posted in Live, Remixes with tags on February 10, 2008 by dubmood

Just spend a very nice week with collectif fresson at La Gare Coustellet wich ended in a superb live-concert (and I recorded the outstream from the laptop so I will give you the set soon). Im too tired to tell you the story atm so I let the photos do the talking. Thanks to everyone involved btw. An extended report is comming up, I promise.
Remix of the day:

Goto80 – Comsten (Zabutom NES Remix)

Dubmood Live-Dates Spring 2008 + Printemps de Bourges

Posted in Live on February 2, 2008 by dubmood

Maybe you rememberd that I said I took part in the preselections for printemps de bourges 2008. Well, I won so now im representing region PACA for Decouverts de Printemps de Bourges 2008. yay! o/ Anyway, I am looking for as many gigs as possible during this spring and summer since I got tons and tons of new music to play. I can do both DJ-sets or Lives. With our without VJ (kohai and or acet1 (the author of all thoose nice paintings on every blogpost) and also as a nice package with my parter in crime Sodamnloud and or other artists from the Data Airlines lineup, its your choice. Just shoot a mail to and we will give you a hellufadeal! We are also really flexible as of music covering everything between dancemusic to dub, but ofcource as chipmusic (that would be 8bit for them hypers). ^^ Anyway, here are the livedates so far.

upcoming Shows )

4 Feb 2008



Maubec, PACA

9 Feb 2008



Maubec, PACA

29 Feb 2008


Meneo, Dubmood etc

Nice, PACA

8 Mar 2008


Cafe Julien

Marseille, PACA

16 Mar 2008


DJ-set @ Les Aperomix – Du Bouchon Marseillais

Marseille, PACA

27 Mar 2008


Marseille_HQ DJ-set @ L’Intermédiaire

Marseille, PACA

28 Mar 2008


Dubmood Live @ L’Intermédiaire

Marseille, PACA

4 Apr 2008



TBC Barcelona

16 Apr 2008


Printemps de Bourges 2008 (22 Ouest)

Bourges, Pays de la Loire

30 May 2008


Patchwork Festival



Les Découvertes du Printemps de Bourges

Posted in Live with tags , , , , , , , , on December 6, 2007 by dubmood

I have been selected for the regional finals for region P.A.C.A de Les Découvertes du Printemps de Bourges. That means i’m doing a minor (30min) live-set tomorrow (friday 7dec) at Le Cargo de Nuit, Arles (13). I will go on stage at midnight with support from Capitaine Armenie and Kohai (Razor1911) as VJ. And its for free! oO This is a part of my plan of Total World Domination. Kekethnxz.

Some Livedates for the Fall 2007

Posted in Live on August 23, 2007 by dubmood

This Autumn im trying not to do too much live-gigs because of all the time I need to dedicate as an orga of The Data Airlines Festival. But ofcource I cannot always resist when you ask me. After popular demand, I’vde decided to for once actually publish my uppcomming gig-dates here on the blog.

23aug – Volume, Nice. (with confipop)
21Sept – New Media Meeting, Norrköping, Sweden
04okt- oogie! Marseille
05okt – Microdisko, Spasibar, Oslo, Norway (With Boltes, Confipop and Nervous Testpilot!)
10okt – Banken, Falun, Sweden (With Boltes and sTU)
12okt – Microdisko @ 44an, Stockholm, Sweden (with Boltes and sTU)
13okt – Microdisko Göteborg, Röda Rummet, Göteborg, Sweden (With Boltes and sTU)
18okt – Deux Freres, Nice, France (aioli pour Jule that does it again!)
20okt – Da Kiling, Marseille, France (with Confipop)
21okt – Fiesta de sud, Marseille, France (with Confipop)
1-4nov – Main#2 Data Airlines Festival.