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Remixing with class, an inside story

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Goto80 included a dub of my dub of his dub on his latest webrelease on the spannish label audiovisualtheorem. It also includes the video “Polygonal Canyon 243313″ which goto80 and Entter released at the Main07-party organised by us (marseille HQ, cybernostra and data airlines) in november. Anyway, the dub is actually a result of a crashing tracker session on a rather anal-violated laptop. Anders thought it sounded genious, I cant deny it, really. What you hear actually resulted in a song released with a crackintro by d-bug on the Atari ST platform. Anyway, check out here.


Dubmood on Myspace

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Recently I havnt been able to go outside my door without overhearing ppls conversations about the silly new comunity called facebook. Feels very 1998ish with webcomunities and all dont you think? Whats so new with this one, is it only me that got feed up with this retarded way of socialising even before the new milenium or is it because we already have 6789zillion 100.000user+ comunities in the country where I grew up? I dont know. Anyway, as a compensation for me refusing to registering to this site and ignoring the 100+ invite-mails I got from all my friends who apperantly are bored of my apperance and prefer to meet me on the web and not in the local bar as usual, I decided to overtake the dubmood myspace (before it was run by a friendly bloke from the UK) Atleast its a progress for someone as conservative as me!
And oh my gay this site is retarded. Where did theese ppl learn to code? on Utbildningsradion or some AMSproject? It hurts my brain just to try to navigate this site. Anyway. become my myspacefriend today! I will be putting out new songs there on a regular basis. Cheers.

After popular demand, the new keygen-song!

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To make it easy for all the people who made the great choice to download the Razor-release of the game of the year (?) Crysis and wounderd who made the wounderfull song in the keygen. Yes its me, you can get it for free here. But maybe this news is a bit oudated since someone already put the news on the frontpage a while ago. But whatahellenjoyukeekethnx.

Dubmood RMX on the new SvAK-single

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Sorry for the lack of updates but i’ve been too busy with the Data Airlines Festival debriefing. You can read more about it on and the marseilleHQblog. It feels cliche to say “I will try to update this blog more often” since you all know I try my best no? ^^ but anyway, the remix of the Svenska Akademien-track “Vakna” from their new album wich I made last summer and that also won a remix-competition on the Stockholm Beat Connection blog.
The remix can be downloaded for free here. Its actually based on a 100kb something .XM. Who would have thought I would still be making music in Fasttracker2 after all theese years. Well I am, or well, mostly Skaletracker because I lack the posibility to stay at the same place with a stationary computer who I could actually get to work with FT2 (its still back in sweden, hi mom!), but im down with ft2 4 life yo! The official store-date for the remix is tomorrow (28nov). Aioli!