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Sweatshop HQ Paris & ElektroCircus

Posted in Attention, Live, Ramblings on May 4, 2007 by dubmood

Some competing microlabel spies had sneaked in to one of our factories to take pictures of the rough enviroments our eomployees have to work in. Apperantly the spy had bit too much to drink of the free pastis offerd to all our workers at all hours and the only photo he managed to take was shot from the hip and kind of hit the floor, anyway here it is:

Anyway, I am going with the Marseille_HQ to ElektroCircus to do a soundsystem and two concerts together with eat_rabbit and confipop. We will also have a stand together with La Cybernostra wich will contain merchandise from Rebelpetset and Micromusic, and ofcource from the Paris and Marseille HQs. So why dont you go ahead and join the fun!