RN85, E4 en Transit & A7 de soleil

Here is little clumsy mix I did not so long ago, Traverse de RN85 you already know, E4 en transit is tracked in a car when I was traveling with Bliss / Fairlight and STU / Drop da bomb between the microdisko gig in stockholm and the comunity64 gig in Göteborg and A7 autoroute de soleil is made on the same road going to, hm, I dont really remember, some gig. Anyway here it is mixed together pretty bordellic when practicing for some live-sets. Hope you like it!

Dubmood – E4 en transit vs A7-Autoroute de soleil mix


3 Responses to “RN85, E4 en Transit & A7 de soleil”

  1. So the new club-tracks are tracked, right?

  2. Yep thats right. mix of atariST sounds Im programming and sampling from maxymizer, instruments I draw in ft2 and then everything tracked in Skale, and then if its with sodamnloud its mixed, produced and masterd by him afterwards, also contributing with loops and sounds. Tracking is the only way to work =)

  3. Allright! Couldn’t agree more.

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