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DJ DLG – Loving Moi (Dubmood & So damn loud RMX)

Posted in Ramblings, Remixes with tags on April 8, 2008 by dubmood

I made a remix for Eyezcream & Hugerecord hero DJ DLG together with Mr SoDamnLoud this winter thats out since a few days. You can get it on beatport. Blipbloppy electro house with vocals, why not, I dont discriminate!! ^^ Its on Sodamnlouds Myspace so why dont you check it out hop hop!


Sweatshop HQ Paris & ElektroCircus

Posted in Attention, Live, Ramblings on May 4, 2007 by dubmood

Some competing microlabel spies had sneaked in to one of our factories to take pictures of the rough enviroments our eomployees have to work in. Apperantly the spy had bit too much to drink of the free pastis offerd to all our workers at all hours and the only photo he managed to take was shot from the hip and kind of hit the floor, anyway here it is:

Anyway, I am going with the Marseille_HQ to ElektroCircus to do a soundsystem and two concerts together with eat_rabbit and confipop. We will also have a stand together with La Cybernostra wich will contain merchandise from Rebelpetset and Micromusic, and ofcource from the Paris and Marseille HQs. So why dont you go ahead and join the fun!

áioli for microHQ Marseille! – New Release!

Posted in Attention, Live, Ramblings, Releases on April 24, 2007 by dubmood

Sorry for the absence but I have been very busy working on a sideproject with confipop (more about that later) and preparing our spectacle at Elektro Circus in 2 weeks were we will be playing from a portable soundsystem and also having a stand were you will be able to buy microstuff, tshirts and records. Be sure to check it out at

I also have a little gift for you. A few weeks ago I played in a MicroHQ party (Mikrodisko Marseille) with Confipop and Sidabitball. If that was not enough, I also invited Papet-Jali (Massilia Soundsystem) and Capitaine Armenie to a freestyle on my chipriddimcovers after my ordinary Gig and it turned out to be a legendary event and everyone at the party went completly bordel =) oh btw, Jean-Chri recorded the gig. ^^ Here you have a selection of what happend:
Thanks to everyone who came to the party (including Imhotep^IAM oO) and MicroHQ Marseille and La Cybernostra for a great evening. I heard there will be some videos from the party online at microHQ Marseilles website in a while. Elito!

Also, please dont forget our radioemissions at BeRadio (every third monday of the month at 23.00) and Radio Galere 88.4 (every saturday at 14.00). Boopboop where is my #streetlife-crew? lets go to barcelona pow pow pow!

Back from the big satan

Posted in Live, Ramblings on March 31, 2007 by dubmood

Just came back from my trip through Paris to Miami together with BeRadio visiting the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival. Hence the inactivity recently. The grand openingparty for the microHQ Marseille is set to april 12 at Espace Julien. Along with me and the rest of the microHQ Marseillecrew is sidabitball (paris_HQ). Confipop (Fresson), Papet-J (Massila Sound System) and Acet1 (Razor1911). If you live in France, it should not be missed for anything. And may I remind you that RyanAir has very cheap flights from alot of the big european cities to Marseille, goin from 0.01euro.
Now if you dont mind, I have to go and return some videotapes!

100.000 scrobbled! datalöve & marseille micro:HQ

Posted in Attention, Ramblings on February 28, 2007 by dubmood
Keyboardjamming chiptunes in the sun…

We Finally kickstarted the Marseille micro:HQ and Microdisko Marseille after being dead since december. Put up a page page and everything. Planning the next concert for end of Mars. Micromeetings in the sun @ Fort St Jean drinking beer making gameboy tewns is what the chipbiz is all about. Props to Confipop, Papet-J, Cybernostra, Acet1 and the rest of the microHQ Marseille crew.

Just logged onto Last.FM and found “100,019 plays scrobbled on” – WOW, thanks! I belive I had a simular expression on my face as I have on this picture of me and goto80 when jamming some atari vs c64 at La Gare.
If this aint datalöve I dont know what is 🙂

Olympique Marseille:Vannes 5-0  

Dubmood goes ringtone, goes RSS, goes Miami!

Posted in Ramblings on February 23, 2007 by dubmood

Yepp I was bored and thought I outta make some of my tunes that I never released into ringtones, some of them were fitting really well and some of them just had it comming. Then I found this really smooth SMS-Service to deliver them. They are all avalible for free download. But if you think that I deserve a few coins for whatever reason (to pay my rent for example), you can also buy them and get them WAPed to your cellie for only 10SEK. If anyone knows a service that can deliver to other countries as well please let me know so I can start delivering ringtones worldwide! Dubby in your phone stealin your whatever.

I Implemented some new features on the site, like the ability to see when my next Marshacks emission on Beradio is broadcasted and whats up on newssites or friends blogs etc. I thought it looks cool too. And I moved this never updated blog to wordpress so you can start commenting my Ramblings, and so that I can get my lazy ass to update it more often since I dont need to hustle with the html. Hope ya like it (like ya outa like gordon strombola).

I also just got to learn that im going together with the BeRadio team to Miami in March. Congratulations Miami! ^^
Now let me know what you thought of the ringtones. Sellasie!

Zurich > Wintertur > Elektroplankton > Marseille

Posted in Ramblings on February 23, 2007 by dubmood

Back in marseille, had to sleep 14 hours to catch up to what I lost during the suisse minitour. At Friday, I got it demonstrated to me that the zurich squatscene might be the best one ive experienced so far. Spent the friday night in a 6 floor building, that was kept in a good shape, eight or so dancefloors and even more bars =), good music, good gear, and no dirty dreadcrustwhateverinfested people that you usually meet at such a place. Should definitly be the place for the next Micromusic festival.
Anyway, we left zurich for a small gig in wintertur on saturday, in a sort of always open semi legit bar run by a punkband of some sort. Excellent people anyway and most of the audience represented what I understood is typical for wintertur. Anarchists =)
And this is were I encounterd the elektroplankton fenomena. A girl named Petra with a gameboy DS who couldnt stop smiling, drugs? nah! Elektroplankton! Awesome Gameboy DS game/music sequenser that made me sit up till 8 or so in the morning just playing. Why didnt the gameboy nerds on tell me about this shit since its obviously quite old? ._. Time to let the Marseille sun wake me up and get working.

OM – Lyon 2 – 1
OM – Paris SG 1 – 1
OM – FC Nantes 0 – 0

2 points from Champions League and Uefa. Allez L’OM!