Siskid – Butterknife (Dubmood Gameboy remix)

Ok time to stop the negative wibes caused by last days happenings. Issue is going to get solved real soon anyway and hopefully our Atari-collective YMrockerz will see a bigger donation as compensation. Might help future atari-sounds on wax who knows, lets put our hope to Lotek Style! Today I have anotherone of my unofficial -tracked in less than 2 hours ™- gameboy remixes for you, if you liked the silent shout remix you will like this one too, i’m sure. Time for one of my personal favourites, you might have heard influences of his works in other stuff i’ve done. Or maybe not. I dont know much about Siskid anyawy. Just had some MP3 releases popping in a few years ago and he is the only artist on Innitical Cuts that I like.
Love actually. =) Props and all that. Here it is

Siskid – Butterknife (Dubmood Gameboy Remix)


2 Responses to “Siskid – Butterknife (Dubmood Gameboy remix)”

  1. I love this remix.

    A friend played Så Här Kan Man Också Göra (featuring Zabutom) at a club here (Canberra, Australia) about a month ago and he finally gave me the name of the artist yesterday. I spent all day downloading and listening to you.

    You are fantastic.

  2. ….hey i just happen to come across the rmx,i think it’s briliant!
    i had a smile on my face!
    take care…and thank you


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