C’etiat mieux en RDA 2008 version preview + clip!

This have to do untill someone explain to me how to embedd videos on this blogg since code apperantly aint working.
Clip made by Volvoboi David TNTB.net contianing material from an outside gameboy session in avignon and my concert at La Gare. I Like!

5 Responses to “C’etiat mieux en RDA 2008 version preview + clip!”

  1. Afaik you just have to paste the link to the video and wp can handle it. There is also an “insert video” function at the bottom where you edit your posts. Big up.

  2. the insert video function refuse to work with daily motion clips even though it states that it supports it. the tag simply aint working or is disabled. wordpress sux.

  3. I uploaded the (superintergalacticchipedichipchip) video on YouTube, so you can insert this video directly to the post, if you want to. 🙂


  4. […] Dubmoods (erstes) Gameboychipshit-Album gerockt hat wie Zau, den wird dieses Video und der sicher bald erscheinende 2008-Remix umhauen. Ganz […]

  5. yay1 Thanks alot Kuroi! Tack Tack tack!

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