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Dubmood: Crackscene-music 2004-2007

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I thought it was time to wind up this year with a new -best of- collection. My first since 2003. But this time with a part of my music that normally dont get the same presentation by me, or rather the music that I dont promote at all. I put together a best of dubmood PC-crackscene music 2004-2007. All thoose keygens, installers and cracktros that you have maybe seen, maybe not. Some in new forms, some remixed, some abit longer. And as if that aint nice enough, I threw in four never-heard-before bonus tracks.

For thoose of you who aint really sure what this means, i’m gonna write out the details. Its a 14 track long album with songs made in Fasttracker 2 by me, my personal favourites 2004-2007 so to say. The 4 bonus tracks is a live-concert interlude played once when I needed to change some gear on stage in the middle of the performance, one bizarre lost remix of a zabutom track I found on an old haddrive (I have tons of thoose around), one atari cover from a song called warp that I tracked from heart by how I rememberd it from a Flame of Finland crackintro I used to watch over and over and over as a kid and one bizarre song I made one late night with zabutom where we simply bounced a .xm file back and forth saying 10min and 4 patterns each.

Its also included a nice dubmood-poster that my brother draw for me as a sort of -welcome home to cold dark sweden to spend the holidays in a +1c fog-rain brown mudbatch together with me and the family- gift. Thanks alot! Its a crappy scan of the poster for the moment but he promised to send me the digital file when he returns home so i’m going to update it in a couple of days. Sorry for that.

I guess there will appear some sort of cover art for it too, as soon as emil bardh gets his fingers out his ass. He actually promised to have it done by now. Really. ._.

Get the release here: click click click.

Bon bout d’an! Enjoy!


Emil Bardh!

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Then we have mr Emil Bardh. He is the one guilty for most of my cover-art, and as you might guess from the same style and characters appering on razor-keygens recently, he is also in the demodivision of Razor 1911. Before  moving to  Brooklyn as a mf quissling, he used to VJ on my concerts in his region if he wasn’t too busy animating U2 videos, MTV-jingles or throwing his furnitures from the balcony. True Chip-rock superstar! kom hem för fan!

Who’s Dubmood?

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Well, it’s me. I’m making the music, been doing it for 11 years. But I’m sure that you noticed alot of other people around me, on my projects, my live-concerts etc etc. So I thought I aughta do a little presentation here on the blog with a serie of posts. So here we go:

Fredrik jAnus Boltes aka MC Boltes aka Franz aka Såsiga Jävel osv

Fredrik is born and raised in Jönköping, we met for the first time at Dreamhack 2002 even though I had seen him battling on stage the year before. He bragged about what a good deal he had made when printing his album with a 14 page booklet in superb color. Then we talked again at Dreamhack 2003 and he agreed to kick a verse on a bizarre song we made for a fast-compo with the rules no real instruments allowed (so we beatboxed, faked some scratching, sang a chorus etc, the song is avalible on a Fyllecell compilation, use google!) . At this time he had this sectarist deal with his producer that he wasnt allowed to do any (serious?) sideprojects. At 2004 this had changed, he had started a 8 head big hiphop/reggae/funk band called Det Funkar and we decided to record a song for that years Streaming music compo on Dreamhack. We met up behind a Shell-mack and got into some bizarre guys car who drove us out to a studio belonging to someone who deserves a blog dedicated to all his… well, anyway. We recorded the song in like 30minutes and won the compo (avalible on my site). Then we started doing concerts together, made a few other songs, tried to burn down a camping at a big swedish festival, got harassed by police in norway, played gigs in Switzerland and stayed at some famous girls appartment who everyone know who she was except us and alot of other more juicy stuff that im not allowed to talk about. Conclusion, a trustworthy MC, companion, friend and road-manager during many of my adventures around europe (not yet in france though). You have not yet seen the end of Boltes.

Freesson experience

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I’m doing a residence + concert the 4 to 9 February at la Gare, Coustellet, organised by Collectif Freesson (Same as I wrote a blog about last year when goto80 was doing it). Together with me I’ll bring Acet1 (Razor1911) and the other artists are Gangpol unt mit, Sidabitball and confipop. I will post a followup soon when I got more juicy info.

One year with Marshacks

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Next monday is my thirteen Marshacks emission on That means i’ve been doing this montly for exact one year and its always been a pleasure to play the best mix of old and new dance-related chipmusic for the listeners. is a French (Bordeaux-based) internet-radio founded in 2005 dedicated to 100% electronic music. Imo the best source of minimal techno and electro on the net. Alongside with me is one other chipmusic emission with Ben et Bene called we are not toys.
On Monday, I will play two tracks from the latest goto80 album, a few c64 technosongs ripped from Juckes Experimental Sidshow, some meneo reggaeton and alot of fresh dubmood-tewns you usually cant find on the web (like a remix of Dirty1200s ghettoblaster vs Eminem). The emission is 1 hour and starts at 21:00 GMT+1. Dont miss it! And welcome to a second year of the best chippies avalible on

For them lazy peepz. Listen to in:
Realplayer (no i refuse to link to that worthless piece of spyware software, if you use realplayer you suck and deserve to die!)

Les Découvertes du Printemps de Bourges

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I have been selected for the regional finals for region P.A.C.A de Les Découvertes du Printemps de Bourges. That means i’m doing a minor (30min) live-set tomorrow (friday 7dec) at Le Cargo de Nuit, Arles (13). I will go on stage at midnight with support from Capitaine Armenie and Kohai (Razor1911) as VJ. And its for free! oO This is a part of my plan of Total World Domination. Kekethnxz.

Heads up for mr Bliss

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I wanted to give some deserved publicity for my good friend Henrik Jose (Bliss /ex-fairlight) who occasionally has been touring with me, as keyboardplayer, driver, coach and VJ. He has been releasing high-class music (on monotonik) for as long as I can remember and helped me out alot over the years! Take a look at his webpage and myspace.