áioli for microHQ Marseille! – New Release!

Sorry for the absence but I have been very busy working on a sideproject with confipop (more about that later) and preparing our spectacle at Elektro Circus in 2 weeks were we will be playing from a portable soundsystem and also having a stand were you will be able to buy microstuff, tshirts and records. Be sure to check it out at http://www.freesson.com.

I also have a little gift for you. A few weeks ago I played in a MicroHQ party (Mikrodisko Marseille) with Confipop and Sidabitball. If that was not enough, I also invited Papet-Jali (Massilia Soundsystem) and Capitaine Armenie to a freestyle on my chipriddimcovers after my ordinary Gig and it turned out to be a legendary event and everyone at the party went completly bordel =) oh btw, Jean-Chri recorded the gig. ^^ Here you have a selection of what happend:
Thanks to everyone who came to the party (including Imhotep^IAM oO) and MicroHQ Marseille and La Cybernostra for a great evening. I heard there will be some videos from the party online at microHQ Marseilles website in a while. Elito!

Also, please dont forget our radioemissions at BeRadio (every third monday of the month at 23.00) and Radio Galere 88.4 (every saturday at 14.00). Boopboop where is my #streetlife-crew? lets go to barcelona pow pow pow!


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