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Some Livedates for the Fall 2007

Posted in Live on August 23, 2007 by dubmood

This Autumn im trying not to do too much live-gigs because of all the time I need to dedicate as an orga of The Data Airlines Festival. But ofcource I cannot always resist when you ask me. After popular demand, I’vde decided to for once actually publish my uppcomming gig-dates here on the blog.

23aug – Volume, Nice. (with confipop)
21Sept – New Media Meeting, Norrköping, Sweden
04okt- oogie! Marseille
05okt – Microdisko, Spasibar, Oslo, Norway (With Boltes, Confipop and Nervous Testpilot!)
10okt – Banken, Falun, Sweden (With Boltes and sTU)
12okt – Microdisko @ 44an, Stockholm, Sweden (with Boltes and sTU)
13okt – Microdisko Göteborg, Röda Rummet, Göteborg, Sweden (With Boltes and sTU)
18okt – Deux Freres, Nice, France (aioli pour Jule that does it again!)
20okt – Da Kiling, Marseille, France (with Confipop)
21okt – Fiesta de sud, Marseille, France (with Confipop)
1-4nov – Main#2 Data Airlines Festival.


Confirmed Data Airlines Festival 2007 Line-up.

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As some of you might or might not know, im taking part of a festival organised par le cyber nostra during the Main #2 Demoparty. Here is the poster with the confirmed lineup:

Playing in Nice Tommorow.

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Spite my vacation i’ doing a performance in Nice (France) tomorrow at the Volume with Confipop and others. Made some chip-ska (cool! ska) specially for the event.

Then I climbed a mountain wich name translated means collar of an ashtray. Was 2250m. Saw some Snow, the girl who followed me there took a picture but I lost her mail. Anyway, a demain au Volume! Aioli!

Dubmood on Vacation, still sharper than… Aioli!

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I’m taking a little break chez La Cyber Nostra in the alpes so thats a good excuse for not updating you with new songs. But apart from my latest album (C’etait mieux en RDA) that you, since its temporary sold out, can doownlad on the net (just look for it) I’have made some releases this summer. At Backslash I released two songs and at The big floppy people there is another two. Detta är DDR is the first gameboytrack since C’etait mieux en RDA and then a atari-song that took to much CPU to be used in a crackmenu made by the heroes in Dbug wich I usually roll my atariprods with. Sorry CyranoJones but I wount control my Timer Bs 😉. At backslash there was also this 4kb song we made in 2 hours, me goto80 and zabutom that is. Worth checking out, it was also emissioned in the latest Marshacks (#8) wich you can listen to at Be.Radio (check the programation and you can see when its reemissioned im to lazy to fix that rss bug on my page).

Apart from that, I went ahead and won the remixcontest announced by Stockholm Beat Connection for Svenska Akademien. Thankyou for whoever it was that preferd my song. Aioli pour toi! ^^

Big Floppy People 2007 Results & Microdisko Marseille

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Other Platform Music
 1. Dataskit/Dubmood (Gameboy)                       6.814
 2. Detta ar DDR/Dubmood (Atari ST)                  6.454
 3. Summer & Beach Music/Qwan (MOD)                  6.240
 4. How do u walk?/Dino (MOD)                        6.040
 5. Hard Feelings/Linde (MOD)                        5.954
 6. Gott & Blandat/Yoki (MOD)                        5.869
 7. Turntable Fable/Spot (MOD)                       5.869
 8. Dubmoods Milf/Timbral+Orbiter (Atari ST)         5.590

Hooja! Thanks for a great party, amiga sux! Greets to Uprough!
 And then, Tomorrow: