Dubmood – Toffelskater (Dubmoods 2007 Remix)

Time for one of the swedish crowdpleasers. I’ve been asked many times for the song I play in this video, so here it is. Made in the alpes (05 pow pow pow) at 1500m altitude. Bröt-shit! Rumours has it that there will be a bunch of new remixes of this one. But this will have to do for now:
Dubmood – Toffelskater (Dubmoods 2007 remix)

oh. and for thoose few real heads out there, who would like to do a remix based on the original song that I made back in 2002. The XM is here. whats an XM? you ask, and you hear laughter from the back of the class. Nub.


2 Responses to “Dubmood – Toffelskater (Dubmoods 2007 Remix)”

  1. Very nice job on the remix. Gave it much more power!
    You are one of the worlds best chip producers (you know it too ;= )!
    Keep em’ comin! 😀

  2. […] came across a post on Dubmood’s blog recently where he was encouraging people to remix his ‘Kenny the […]

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