Jahtari Bless Dubmood Ska L’atakk!

Dubmood, the master of fan-care. Didnt I release an album 2 weeks ago? May be dat. But here is a new EP, and its not going to be the only dubmood-release in january! Copypaste from my new buddies at Jahtari:

– Atari-Ska L’Atakk

A smashing ChipDub-Ska-EP coming here from the ATARI tracker legend Dubmood. Six tracks full of love for the rough Ska classics of old, bursting with sheer virtousity and an obession for funky details. A sure winner full of hits, this grooving beauty is bound to make you dance while grinning from ear to ear.

The EP starts off with a great version of the Skatalites-classic “Exodus” (who in turn took the theme from E. Gold‘s oscar winning movie score), followed up by a fine Liberators-cover. A top “Monkey Island” dub, featuring the legendary title theme by Michael Z. Land, is around too. The Maytals‘ “Pressure Drop”, later covered by punk-rocker icons The Clash (among others), is followed by the highly addictive “VodSka-Dance”, featuring some popular Russian folk lore.
Most notably THIS alltime classic. A tune you’ll whistle along for days – so beware! The final track is a collab with chiptunes roots rocker GOTO 80, a remix of it can be found on his “_2_4x4”-EP over HERE. See all details below.

For the technically interested: all songs were tracked by Dubmood on the Atari 1040 STfm in maxYMizer, made by gwEm, using the YM2149 soundchip. That is, 4bit sound on 3 channels, one squarewave generator and one noisegenerator on a 16bit 8mhz machine with 1mb of RAM and no samples used!

Ska! Ska! Ska!




3 Responses to “Jahtari Bless Dubmood Ska L’atakk!”

  1. You, sir, are a fucking genius!
    I love your music, it is so uplifting and happy. Always gets me into a good mood. Thank you for creating such art.

  2. crazyotaku Says:

    god bless you ! great ep.

  3. Thanks!…. I love your music

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