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Dubmood feat. Boltes – Mediadrevet (Dubmood Intercom Remix)

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Found this old unreleased pearl I made with Boltes back in 2006. Good ol good ol. The lyrics was later recorded with his group Det Funkar and put out as single on their album.
Dubmood feat. Boltes – Mediadrevet (Dubmood Intercom Remix)

Dubmood feat. Boltes – Mediadrevet (Dubmoods AtariST edit)


So damn loud! – Hypnodisco (Dubmood Remix)

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Thought I need to revenge Sodamnloud!s Traverse de RN85 remix. I gave it a shoot with remixing his Hypnodiscotrack. H y p n o c h i c k i c h i c h u p u p u p p n o c h i k i w h a t u p w h a t h y p n o c h i c k i u p c h i c k i h y p n o etc.  I really enjoy working with  SDL!.  Props to Acet1 btw.

So damn loud! – Hypnodisco (Dubmood Remix)

Loonie – Biohazard (Dubmoods Data Airlines Remix)

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I thought I would share a song from my 2007 livesets with you, as seen in this video. A remix (my third actually) of Loonies xm-chip Biohazard. (avalible on

Loonie – Biohazard (Dubmoods Data Airlines Remix)

Norgemåndag! Gateavisa, Gatas Parlament Remix and snusk!

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Yay, Monday! Another day where I dont have to wake up early and go to a boring job! ^^
Sun, about 15C outside, lets proclaim this the norwegian monday and post an interview I did for an old classic norwegian quality-mag called Gateavisa (^___^) because of my concert at Microdisko Oslo last fall. Hophophop!
Its in norwegian, but dont worry I dont understand it either =) (ok I do… hei hei norske flikkorna fran mina tidige tonnår!)
Takk to Ludwig Lenke for that
Here you have a two something year old remix of a song by the norwegian hiphop-tripplete Gatas Parlament. Last ned!
Gatas Parlament – Asfaltsevangeliet (Dubmood Slengteng Remix)

Psilodump – Muikku (Dubmood Remix)

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Sorry for the 2days delay in the remixposting, took a weekend off in Göteborg. Payd a visit to the uprough! party. Was great. Here you have a blipblopravemicroelectroremix of Psilodumps Muikku. Cheers!

Psilodump – Muikku (Dubmood Remix)

Dubmood – Toffelskater (Dubmoods 2007 Remix)

Posted in Remixes on January 25, 2008 by dubmood

Time for one of the swedish crowdpleasers. I’ve been asked many times for the song I play in this video, so here it is. Made in the alpes (05 pow pow pow) at 1500m altitude. Bröt-shit! Rumours has it that there will be a bunch of new remixes of this one. But this will have to do for now:
Dubmood – Toffelskater (Dubmoods 2007 remix)

oh. and for thoose few real heads out there, who would like to do a remix based on the original song that I made back in 2002. The XM is here. whats an XM? you ask, and you hear laughter from the back of the class. Nub.

White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Zabutom Commodore 64 Remix)

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Hopp Hopp! Zabutom goes goattracker on White Stripes. Best played at Stade Velodrome.
White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Zabutom Commodore 64 Remix)