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RN85, E4 en Transit & A7 de soleil

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Here is little clumsy mix I did not so long ago, Traverse de RN85 you already know, E4 en transit is tracked in a car when I was traveling with Bliss / Fairlight and STU / Drop da bomb between the microdisko gig in stockholm and the comunity64 gig in Göteborg and A7 autoroute de soleil is made on the same road going to, hm, I dont really remember, some gig. Anyway here it is mixed together pretty bordellic when practicing for some live-sets. Hope you like it!

Dubmood – E4 en transit vs A7-Autoroute de soleil mix


Timbuktu – Alla vill till himmelen (Dubmood Atari ST remix)

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Thought I would share a song from 2005 that I havnt released anywhere, it just happend to leak out everywhere and I never botherd to put it up on my page. So finally here it is! 100% AtariST made in MaxYMizer. Well its not much of a remix, more like a plain convertion to ST. Hope you still like it anyway.
Timbuktu – Alla vill till himmelen (Dubmood Atari ST remix)

Timbuktu – Alla vill till himmelen (Dubmood Atari ST remix Instrumental)

Dubmood feat. Boltes – Mediadrevet (Dubmood Intercom Remix)

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Found this old unreleased pearl I made with Boltes back in 2006. Good ol good ol. The lyrics was later recorded with his group Det Funkar and put out as single on their album.
Dubmood feat. Boltes – Mediadrevet (Dubmood Intercom Remix)

Dubmood feat. Boltes – Mediadrevet (Dubmoods AtariST edit)

Loonie – Biohazard (Dubmoods Data Airlines Remix)

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I thought I would share a song from my 2007 livesets with you, as seen in this video. A remix (my third actually) of Loonies xm-chip Biohazard. (avalible on

Loonie – Biohazard (Dubmoods Data Airlines Remix)

Norgemåndag! Gateavisa, Gatas Parlament Remix and snusk!

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Yay, Monday! Another day where I dont have to wake up early and go to a boring job! ^^
Sun, about 15C outside, lets proclaim this the norwegian monday and post an interview I did for an old classic norwegian quality-mag called Gateavisa (^___^) because of my concert at Microdisko Oslo last fall. Hophophop!
Its in norwegian, but dont worry I dont understand it either =) (ok I do… hei hei norske flikkorna fran mina tidige tonnår!)
Takk to Ludwig Lenke for that
Here you have a two something year old remix of a song by the norwegian hiphop-tripplete Gatas Parlament. Last ned!
Gatas Parlament – Asfaltsevangeliet (Dubmood Slengteng Remix)

Psilodump – Muikku (Dubmood Remix)

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Sorry for the 2days delay in the remixposting, took a weekend off in Göteborg. Payd a visit to the uprough! party. Was great. Here you have a blipblopravemicroelectroremix of Psilodumps Muikku. Cheers!

Psilodump – Muikku (Dubmood Remix)

White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Zabutom Commodore 64 Remix)

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Hopp Hopp! Zabutom goes goattracker on White Stripes. Best played at Stade Velodrome.
White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Zabutom Commodore 64 Remix)

Dubmood – Traverse de RN85 (Sodamnloud! Remix)

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Thought some of you might like if I started posting remixes on a regular basis. Like, minimum once a week. I will start with this one wich is just a few weeks old. Dubmood – Traverse de RN85 (Sodamnloud! Remix)

Behind the handle sodamnloud! is noone less than my new partner in crime for most musicproduction Gemini / The Silents. We already got another 4 tracks finnished and about 94347384734 in the lab. This looks like the beginning of a wounderfull friendship! =)

Remixing with class, an inside story

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Goto80 included a dub of my dub of his dub on his latest webrelease on the spannish label audiovisualtheorem. It also includes the video “Polygonal Canyon 243313″ which goto80 and Entter released at the Main07-party organised by us (marseille HQ, cybernostra and data airlines) in november. Anyway, the dub is actually a result of a crashing tracker session on a rather anal-violated laptop. Anders thought it sounded genious, I cant deny it, really. What you hear actually resulted in a song released with a crackintro by d-bug on the Atari ST platform. Anyway, check out here.

Dubmood RMX on the new SvAK-single

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Sorry for the lack of updates but i’ve been too busy with the Data Airlines Festival debriefing. You can read more about it on and the marseilleHQblog. It feels cliche to say “I will try to update this blog more often” since you all know I try my best no? ^^ but anyway, the remix of the Svenska Akademien-track “Vakna” from their new album wich I made last summer and that also won a remix-competition on the Stockholm Beat Connection blog.
The remix can be downloaded for free here. Its actually based on a 100kb something .XM. Who would have thought I would still be making music in Fasttracker2 after all theese years. Well I am, or well, mostly Skaletracker because I lack the posibility to stay at the same place with a stationary computer who I could actually get to work with FT2 (its still back in sweden, hi mom!), but im down with ft2 4 life yo! The official store-date for the remix is tomorrow (28nov). Aioli!