4 Responses to “FROM NOW ON…”

  1. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  2. Antti Alatyppö Says:

    Hi, Hej & Hello

    Sweet tunes as allways… Been a fan since i heard the first tune, dont remember which one really but well i’ve got a nice offtopic question to you actually.

    Dont really know if you can answer it but found a link throught your site to this awesome “picture in picture” loop that rolled throught this surreal landscape. Well my hdd crashed and the bookmark was gone, so im wondering if you might be able to point me into the right direction when it comes to finding this baby. Google feel kinda pointless because of freaking “PiP” tv function is all you get when trying to search for it.

    – Peace

    // Antti

    Ps. linköping är smått irriterande stad, fan varje gång jag vart där har jag gått vilse minst en gång.

  3. Чтобы ничего не делать, надо это хорошо уметь. Ага? Еще что нибуть по этой теме охото.

  4. Hi !
    It’s been a while since my last eye here. Hope you remember me a bit.

    I just discovered Oai Star with the song “Chérie” on the radio Le Mouv’. I found it excellent, and the chip tunes was so great that I was soon trying to find out more about which band it was (I didn’t hear it on the radio).
    I first thought about Massilia Sound System because I knew them and recognized the voice, but then discover the band was no more. And then I thought about Marseille.

    Marseille + Chip music = What ? Damn, Dubmood, of course !

    How surprised I was when I saw in the Oai Star Myspace page that you were there, in the band. The picture was not so clear, but it was you, even in the description.
    You may not remember but I was a huge fan of you Atari ST version of the Monkey Island Theme, and I find a bit of it in the song “Je veux faire brûler la mer” !

    The last step will be to see you live, and it will be made in October, when you will play live at Albi, and then at Tournefeuille (where I live), with Oai Star. I’m so excited, you can’t even imagine.

    Well, thank you for all your work.

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