The Printemps de Bourges Week

Yep. I am playing at Printemps de Bourges, 22 ouest at 01.20 in the morning on Wednesday, please come and cheer at me, even though I dont have a new song for you with this post ._.  But I have some photos of the new dubmood 2008 promo-material! Above you see the A2 poster. Here are the CDs.

The presskits

and the Table-banner.

All the art is, as always, done by my brother over at Elapse.Se.

Anyway, its probably going to be really cold in Bourges. Wish me luck. See you all on friday


3 Responses to “The Printemps de Bourges Week”

  1. Very nice artworks … did great work!
    Is your email account still active? Then check your mails. 😉

  2. WOW! Nice! I hope you the best.
    Keep release-ing and rock 🙂

  3. Carbon- Says:

    Dubmood: Where can we get one of those CDs please?

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