Kentucky Fried Wankers

Seems that I am forced to make clear that this is _not_ an aprils fools postIt came to my attention yestarday that a cunt called Laromlab (Brandon Harrod) from Kentucky, has built his whole image on stealing songs from me and my friends CrazyQ & DMA-SC. Not only did he fake his discography, put out youtube films where he explains how he composes his music, wich he dont, he pressed play on a sid-emulated tracker on a laptop and said he mix everything live and talked about his mixer and how he wants to “control his sound”. Not only did he sign himself to a label with this stolen music, a label who pressed his stolen music on an album and created a big internet hype around him on blogs, and not only did he get american radios to play his stolen music, he also performed the songs live and did a tour!!! Thanks for the heads up from Crazyq, I contacted his label and they are on their way to remove all traces of that this dick ever existed. As if this was not enough, the song he stole was a song I made back in 2001, re-released on YMrockerz 2003. That means I was 16 when I composed it, couldnt he have tried to steal something of actual quality atleast? shiezz.

Edit, the conclusion:

On behalf of Mushpot Records and affiliated artists:

Upon discovery of copyright issues as well as a breach of contract
regarding Laromlab/Brandon Harrod, and his recently released
self-titled album, I had no choice but to immediately halt digital
distribution and disable all purchase links. The matter resulted in
the separation of Laromlab from the Mushpot catalogue. As a person who
is heavily invested on both sides of the music industry, I do not
condone plagiarism and will not tolerate such behavior.

I am taking steps to communicate with the offended parties. As far as
I could gather, here are the original track names and artists that
make up the Laromlab album:

	Laromlab	Original Title	Artist
1	Rock!! Hard!!	Nightvision	CrazyQ
2	Mission for Glory	Haschkaka 	Dubmood
3	C: Dancer	Cybernetic Dancer	DMA-SC
4	Phat and Phunky Pt. 1	Phat and Phunky Pt. 1	CrazyQ
5	Zipp Zapp	Zip Zap Space Attack	CrazyQ
6	They're back!!!	Return of the Fighters	DMA-SC
7	Sid Attax	Atari Attacks	CrazyQ
8	Return of Da Stomp	Local Hero	CrazyQ
9	Punk Funk	Pink Phunk Monster	CrazyQ
10	Nightdrive	Stars of the Night	DMA-SC
11	T-girl	Dancing T-Girl	Lotek Style
12	(Hidden)	Hiapoe	DMA-SC

I manufactured Laromlab with the belief that Harrod was indeed the
sole copyright holder. I regret any inconvenience this has caused.

Jenn de la Vega
Mushpot Records

7 Responses to “Kentucky Fried Wankers”

  1. Damn!

    That is some fucked up shit right there…. Sue his ass! What a complete artard…. good thing you at least found out about it.

    I suggest you start at least some sort of campaign about him and his theft, showing the mentioned youtube videos and commenting whose songs he’s actually talking about, etc. Disinformation is best fought with information!

  2. I’m writing a story about this. Can you email me so I can ask you a few questions?

  3. Yeah, Brandon’s my friend and I had no idea. This is bullshit and he’s owning up to it.

    “holy shit, the guys are not only wankers, they are religious wankers… that explains the stupidity. Read the robot cowboy appology, he talks about deamons. haha… oh humanity.”

    I know your pissed and so am I, but I’d appreciate it if you would keep you’re anger on him and leave me out of it. I’m not apologizing for anything as I had no knowledge of this before Brandon told me himself and gave me the ym rockerz album link, which makes the plagiarism obvious. If I had found out before all of this, I would have exposed him myself. My statement is mainly to distance myself from Laromlab as I want to keep the good faith of the contacts I made while on tour with him. I have worked far to hard on my robotcowboy project to let this kill a future tour.

    In clarification, I used the word “deamons” as a metaphor for whatever reason made him do it, because I will never understand. No I am not religious, Jesus Campers creep me out. 😛

    – Dan Wilcox

  4. […] and the record label are currently withdrawing the release. Read more about it at Dubmood’s blog. See what some demosceners have to say about it here (it’s not pretty). Don’t be too […]

  5. Jeez, first I thought this was an april fools joke. Sad that this story is true … :/

  6. wreck tech Says:

    unbelievable! but dont worry…pretty soon your ass will be as famous as kanye, and this shit will never happen again.

  7. argh… thief is sux…!

    wish u be famous dubmood

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