The Wire

I noticed that a pretty akward review of my Jahtari Chip-SKA EP was published in the english techno/dub/etc musicmag The Wire. Pretty funny, must say the Jahtarians are good at promotion! ❤ ❤
Anyway, hard to tell if its possitive or negative, really. The reviewer seems more chocked and confused.

Dubmood is a ‘chip-music’ artist from Gothenburg now operating out of Marseillie, with a library of over 300 different pieces composed on Amiga, PC, Atari ST and Gameboy for numerous pieces of cracked software, chip music disks and 8-bit compilations.
This EP gets in a rush with the opener, a version of The Skatalites’ classic “(Theme from) Exodus” from the movie of the same name, followed by a cover of “Kick De Bucket” by The Liberators. The version of The Maytals’ “Pressure Drop” is enough to induce hypertension in serious Clash fans (which Clash fans are not serious?), with the Toots soul scorcher done over in a Fisher Price style.
But the most seriously deranged track here is “VodSka-Dance”, apparently featuring a popular Russian folk tune which buzzes uncontrollably around your head long after the music dies. The final track, the catchily titled “dbug-cd197”, is a collaboration with chip music roots rocker GOTO 80. It’s not dub as we know it, but the strain is mutating rapidly


One Response to “The Wire”

  1. i read the review in wire and i wasnt able to tell either.. if it was good or bad that is.

    anyway, ive been listening to your tunes for many years now and was reminded of your existence when i saw that review, so i guess thats a good thing!

    since last time i listened to your stuff you have started with a lot of gameboy tracking, which is nice. i have nanoloop, just havent played around with it very much, but i think ill do that now that ive heard your kickass gameboy-tunes 🙂

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