Léonard de Léonard – Elephantizer (Facteur remix)

Time to give heads up to the locals. Facteur from Tcheaz who recently contacted me wich lead to me changing opinion about marseille lacking good new electro as I previously stade in an interview =) This guy is extremly promising and im hoping to hear more from him soon. But I have no clue why he is naming songs after swedish glam-metalrockers, maybe its a french thing to like Europe since I noticed during the freesson residance that Sidabitball also likes them. Or maybe its a joke I dont get because all I can think of when seeing his name is the Percy Tårar Expressen Fredag scetches. ^^ Anyway big up for Facteur! hop hop!

Léonard de Léonard – Elephantizer (Facteur remix)


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