One year with Marshacks

Next monday is my thirteen Marshacks emission on That means i’ve been doing this montly for exact one year and its always been a pleasure to play the best mix of old and new dance-related chipmusic for the listeners. is a French (Bordeaux-based) internet-radio founded in 2005 dedicated to 100% electronic music. Imo the best source of minimal techno and electro on the net. Alongside with me is one other chipmusic emission with Ben et Bene called we are not toys.
On Monday, I will play two tracks from the latest goto80 album, a few c64 technosongs ripped from Juckes Experimental Sidshow, some meneo reggaeton and alot of fresh dubmood-tewns you usually cant find on the web (like a remix of Dirty1200s ghettoblaster vs Eminem). The emission is 1 hour and starts at 21:00 GMT+1. Dont miss it! And welcome to a second year of the best chippies avalible on

For them lazy peepz. Listen to in:
Realplayer (no i refuse to link to that worthless piece of spyware software, if you use realplayer you suck and deserve to die!)


2 Responses to “One year with Marshacks”

  1. Winamp, Mediaplayer … , I like Foobar 🙂

  2. Du borde absolut lägga upp mixen med Eminem. Den var klockren.

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