Dubmood RMX on the new SvAK-single

Sorry for the lack of updates but i’ve been too busy with the Data Airlines Festival debriefing. You can read more about it on www.dataairlines.net and the marseilleHQblog. It feels cliche to say “I will try to update this blog more often” since you all know I try my best no? ^^ but anyway, the remix of the Svenska Akademien-track “Vakna” from their new album wich I made last summer and that also won a remix-competition on the Stockholm Beat Connection blog.
The remix can be downloaded for free here. Its actually based on a 100kb something .XM. Who would have thought I would still be making music in Fasttracker2 after all theese years. Well I am, or well, mostly Skaletracker because I lack the posibility to stay at the same place with a stationary computer who I could actually get to work with FT2 (its still back in sweden, hi mom!), but im down with ft2 4 life yo! The official store-date for the remix is tomorrow (28nov). Aioli!


2 Responses to “Dubmood RMX on the new SvAK-single”

  1. The link to the mp3 is wrong, add a http:// and WordPress should like it. 😉

    You rock! I love your music.

  2. […] jobbat med ANSI/Ascii-grafik och chipmusik under hela sina respektive uppväxter. Glöm inte heller lyssna på dubmoods remix på svenska akademins låt “vakna”. Det är lite svårt bedöma Eriks skills utifrån […]

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