Dubmood on Myspace

Recently I havnt been able to go outside my door without overhearing ppls conversations about the silly new comunity called facebook. Feels very 1998ish with webcomunities and all dont you think? Whats so new with this one, is it only me that got feed up with this retarded way of socialising even before the new milenium or is it because we already have 6789zillion 100.000user+ comunities in the country where I grew up? I dont know. Anyway, as a compensation for me refusing to registering to this site and ignoring the 100+ invite-mails I got from all my friends who apperantly are bored of my apperance and prefer to meet me on the web and not in the local bar as usual, I decided to overtake the dubmood myspace (before it was run by a friendly bloke from the UK) Atleast its a progress for someone as conservative as me!
And oh my gay this site is retarded. Where did theese ppl learn to code? on Utbildningsradion or some AMSproject? It hurts my brain just to try to navigate this site. Anyway. become my myspacefriend today! I will be putting out new songs there on a regular basis. Cheers.


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