After popular demand, the new keygen-song!

To make it easy for all the people who made the great choice to download the Razor-release of the game of the year (?) Crysis and wounderd who made the wounderfull song in the keygen. Yes its me, you can get it for free here. But maybe this news is a bit oudated since someone already put the news on the frontpage a while ago. But whatahellenjoyukeekethnx.


8 Responses to “After popular demand, the new keygen-song!”

  1. […] dubmood har släppt en riktigt het chip för gruppen razor1911s demo-sektion. Han och hans bror Erik är riktigt tuffa killar som har […]

  2. It’s just too awesome, been listening to it all night!
    Many thanks!

  3. olivesimon Says:

    So many thx
    It’s incredible that this keygen-song is so wanted by fans ! 🙂

    merci encore, ++

  4. My little bro likes this song so much, i like it 2.

  5. Great song. i want to mix it on final scratch. add some bass and shit. GREAT MIX BRO

  6. ZephiriS Says:

    Great piece of music you created there.
    I love it!

  7. Great song Dubmood !
    I like the Y’s melody !

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