Scandinavian tour debriefing.

Thankyou Norway and Sweden for a great week. Started out with a pretty calm gig in Oslo (photos on On the way back we got harassed by the police and almost hit an elk while speeding on the highway in the middle of the night but managed to get our asses to Falun for a pretty crazy gig wich Mindsikk / Fyllecell had to end at the hospital for obscene drunkness in combination with rolling around in broken glassbottles wich was the result of the hazadous STU (dropdabomb) baseprogramation! uhm. yeh! Great concert!
Then, we hit Stockholm. Ah bon. It was superb! Video and Video! Thanks for a great gig! But Göteborg topped it! Really, home sweet home! Now i’m back in the Marseille sun so stay tuned for the Data Airlines festival, and if you cant wait and have chip-abstinence you can see me play in Nice tomorrow, Daki Ling in Noailles on Saturday and Fiesta des suds on Sunday. Props to all organisers! Aioli pour psilodump, stu, confipop and nervous testpilot. And thanks boltes for that im still alive and not smashed between a saab and a moose in norway. It was close!


3 Responses to “Scandinavian tour debriefing.”

  1. I only got to experience the Sthlm-gig but wow, friggin’ WOW! My temporarily decreasing love to chip is now back to normal and stronger than ever!

  2. Big big thanks for your last music : Dubmood_-_Mario_Airlines_Razor1911 I LOVE THIS so much, Mario is alive !

    Great music !

  3. Rolling on the floor, crushing bottles.

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