Some Livedates for the Fall 2007

This Autumn im trying not to do too much live-gigs because of all the time I need to dedicate as an orga of The Data Airlines Festival. But ofcource I cannot always resist when you ask me. After popular demand, I’vde decided to for once actually publish my uppcomming gig-dates here on the blog.

23aug – Volume, Nice. (with confipop)
21Sept – New Media Meeting, Norrköping, Sweden
04okt- oogie! Marseille
05okt – Microdisko, Spasibar, Oslo, Norway (With Boltes, Confipop and Nervous Testpilot!)
10okt – Banken, Falun, Sweden (With Boltes and sTU)
12okt – Microdisko @ 44an, Stockholm, Sweden (with Boltes and sTU)
13okt – Microdisko Göteborg, Röda Rummet, Göteborg, Sweden (With Boltes and sTU)
18okt – Deux Freres, Nice, France (aioli pour Jule that does it again!)
20okt – Da Kiling, Marseille, France (with Confipop)
21okt – Fiesta de sud, Marseille, France (with Confipop)
1-4nov – Main#2 Data Airlines Festival.


5 Responses to “Some Livedates for the Fall 2007”

  1. dubmood rlZZZZZZZ… nice shit .. espero ver algun dia tu trabajo en vivo…. greets from Chile..south america

  2. Kommer och kollar på dig i Norrköping, kul att du spelar lite i sverige. 😉

  3. I wish you could come to the US some time for a performance! There is a deficit of good chiptunes here, I’m afraid… =( Fantastic work, hope to hear more soon…

  4. Vi vill se dig på dhw07 🙂

  5. We want Dubmood to Dreamhack Winter 2007!!!

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