Back from the big satan

Just came back from my trip through Paris to Miami together with BeRadio visiting the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival. Hence the inactivity recently. The grand openingparty for the microHQ Marseille is set to april 12 at Espace Julien. Along with me and the rest of the microHQ Marseillecrew is sidabitball (paris_HQ). Confipop (Fresson), Papet-J (Massila Sound System) and Acet1 (Razor1911). If you live in France, it should not be missed for anything. And may I remind you that RyanAir has very cheap flights from alot of the big european cities to Marseille, goin from 0.01euro.
Now if you dont mind, I have to go and return some videotapes!


2 Responses to “Back from the big satan”

  1. you are the best. and zabutom of course. with your rap tracks feat svenska akademien you finaly inspired me to atari maxymize on my own! thank you. ^^

  2. For sure he’s the best : he’s swedish !
    Do you know any swedish musician that is not gifted ?
    Hope he won’t take from my country (and moreover from Marseille) the french loosing touch that fits so good to us ^^

    And I must witness too that I started to make chipmusic thanks to Dubmood and his ass-kicking Monkey Island AtariST Edit !

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