100.000 scrobbled! datalöve & marseille micro:HQ

Keyboardjamming chiptunes in the sun…

We Finally kickstarted the Marseille micro:HQ and Microdisko Marseille after being dead since december. Put up a page page and everything. Planning the next concert for end of Mars. Micromeetings in the sun @ Fort St Jean drinking beer making gameboy tewns is what the chipbiz is all about. Props to Confipop, Papet-J, Cybernostra, Acet1 and the rest of the microHQ Marseille crew.

Just logged onto Last.FM and found “100,019 plays scrobbled on Last.fm” – WOW, thanks! I belive I had a simular expression on my face as I have on this picture of me and goto80 when jamming some atari vs c64 at La Gare.
If this aint datalöve I dont know what is 🙂

Olympique Marseille:Vannes 5-0  


3 Responses to “100.000 scrobbled! datalöve & marseille micro:HQ”

  1. Yeah ! I’m for about 0.2% of the music scrobbled with a Dubmood tag as author !

    I sent you a mail some month ago but never had an answer. Do you receive your e-mail or not ? If so, I hope I wasn’t caught by an anti-spam software, I’m not that much a pirate (since I got no ship) !

    Well I won’t annoy you any longer.
    A plus le marseillais !

  2. re-send that mail please ^^

    Allez L’om!

  3. Done !

    I sent it to dubmood FROM razor1911 WITHADOTAND com 🙂

    If you don’t get it contact me directly (now that you’ve got my e-mail address) and I’ll re-re-send it back ^^

    Bye !

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