Zurich > Wintertur > Elektroplankton > Marseille

Back in marseille, had to sleep 14 hours to catch up to what I lost during the suisse minitour. At Friday, I got it demonstrated to me that the zurich squatscene might be the best one ive experienced so far. Spent the friday night in a 6 floor building, that was kept in a good shape, eight or so dancefloors and even more bars =), good music, good gear, and no dirty dreadcrustwhateverinfested people that you usually meet at such a place. Should definitly be the place for the next Micromusic festival.
Anyway, we left zurich for a small gig in wintertur on saturday, in a sort of always open semi legit bar run by a punkband of some sort. Excellent people anyway and most of the audience represented what I understood is typical for wintertur. Anarchists =)
And this is were I encounterd the elektroplankton fenomena. A girl named Petra with a gameboy DS who couldnt stop smiling, drugs? nah! Elektroplankton! Awesome Gameboy DS game/music sequenser that made me sit up till 8 or so in the morning just playing. Why didnt the gameboy nerds on scene.se tell me about this shit since its obviously quite old? ._. Time to let the Marseille sun wake me up and get working.

OM – Lyon 2 – 1
OM – Paris SG 1 – 1
OM – FC Nantes 0 – 0

2 points from Champions League and Uefa. Allez L’OM!


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