Dubmood goes ringtone, goes RSS, goes Miami!

Yepp I was bored and thought I outta make some of my tunes that I never released into ringtones, some of them were fitting really well and some of them just had it comming. Then I found this really smooth SMS-Service to deliver them. They are all avalible for free download. But if you think that I deserve a few coins for whatever reason (to pay my rent for example), you can also buy them and get them WAPed to your cellie for only 10SEK. If anyone knows a service that can deliver to other countries as well please let me know so I can start delivering ringtones worldwide! Dubby in your phone stealin your whatever.

I Implemented some new features on the site, like the ability to see when my next Marshacks emission on Beradio is broadcasted and whats up on newssites or friends blogs etc. I thought it looks cool too. And I moved this never updated blog to wordpress so you can start commenting my Ramblings, and so that I can get my lazy ass to update it more often since I dont need to hustle with the html. Hope ya like it (like ya outa like gordon strombola).

I also just got to learn that im going together with the BeRadio team to Miami in March. Congratulations Miami! ^^
Now let me know what you thought of the ringtones. Sellasie!


2 Responses to “Dubmood goes ringtone, goes RSS, goes Miami!”

  1. Köpte en ringtone nyss ^^

  2. Am I blind? Where is the ringtone link?

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