Volvo, IAM and Datacowboys

Crazy weekend at the Datasaloon (somewhere in the colorado of provance). Goto80, Sidabitball, Computertruck etc showed the countryside how to rock them chiptewns and bend doose circuts. Hard to imagine that even though the event took place in the middle of nowhere more than 200 people showed up. We did some workshops and jamming too. Started on a vodka dance 5 on sidabitballs gameboy and some crazy ska-shit with goto80.
Me doin the riddim on the atari and he jamming away melodies with his c64. Guess it will end up with some kind of result, maybe an EP or a 7″, who knows. Next weekend im heading of to Zurich and Winterfur for gigs together with Cybernostra and my MC, Boltes (Swingkids). Beware. oh and check out my atarijihad remix on the latest goto80 release here.
Since we never get bored with joking about Volvos here at Cybernostra, I have to mention a recent highlight of the Volvo rolling fortress cars.
Today Imhotep (IAM)  told me story of when IAM released their second album and Imhotep launched his label. They were sitting in the hotel in paris waiting for the records to arrive. Some friends to Imhotep had borrow his Volvo (blue 240 combi, belive dat!) to drive them all the way from Marseille.
After a while he recive a phonecall, they had been in a serious caraccident with a big truck, and what would have smashed a french peugot/renault/citroen to atoms did only slice the volvo in two. Thanks to a Volvo240, all the cars passengers, and ofcource all the records were saved. You cant touch a volvo. =) See you in Zurich? ^^


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